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Happy Birthday Wishes to My Friend

In our life, we always have that one important day to celebrate. It is the day to cherish, to treasure, and to reminisce something with someone we love and cherish. That is one of the special event being celebrated annually. Oh, yes! What I am talking here is the special occasion of a dearest friend’s birthday. Sometimes, saying what we feel is not easy. But birthdays are the perfect day to open up and let them know how they mean to us through notes, gifts, and simple birthday wishes. Thus, I am sending these lists of sweet messages and happy birthday wishes for a friend.


  1. I’m now about to give more happy birthday wishes to a friend. A heartfelt birthday wishes to you, yes I mean, to you.Happy Birthday!
  2. For a friend who is celebrating his/her day today, Thank you for teaching me how to fight and conquer all fears.
  3. Thank you for giving me courage when I almost give up.I wish for your good health always.
  4. I know that you’re an ideal friend that everyone is looking for. So, for this special day of yours, let me be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday.
  5. A birthday wishes for a friend who shows love and affection to important people.
  6. On your birthday, I wish that all of your dreams will come true.
  7. Today is your birthday, and It is a perfect day to thank God for giving me someone like you. Happy birthday dear friend.
  8. My birthday wishes for a friend like you is for you to have all the good things in the world: Love and happiness.
  9. This day is your day; I wish that you’ll still be that friend who taught me the true value of friendship.
  10. You are lucky my friend that you received another year to live with joy.I wish that you’ll have many more candles to blow.
  11. Hello, my adorable friend, I just want to greet a happy birthday, and best wishes to you.
  12. Again and again, from your very supportive friend.I’m wishing that you’ll always be an ideal friend that everyone is looking for.

13.Happy birthday! I wished that you’ll continue to inspire people.

  1. This is the perfect day to wish you a merry birthday. Stay cool!
  2. I wish that you’ll have to face your new journey with courage, determination, and strong faith in God. Anyways, Happy Birthday!
  3. Hey! It’s your birthday. May all of your wishes would come true.

17    I never thought that we can be like what we are now. I am so lucky to have a friend like you. Happy birthday, dearest friend.

  1. For a friend who never fails to make me smile when I’m down, Happy happy birthday!

19.A wish of good health, lots of laughs and adventures for my special friend. Happy birthday.

  1. Ever loving friend, I thank you for everything. Have a Happy Birthday.
  2. We shared many memories, so today, I wish you all the happiness in life with me or without me. Happy Birthday best friend!
  3. This is the day that you will become much wiser than yesterday. My wish for you on your birthday is for you to be a successful person. Happy B-day!

23.Being your friend is the best gift I ever had. So, in your birthday, I promise to stay true to our friendship no matter what. Happy Birthday my special friend!

  1. For a friend of mine who is real and seems to have no problem at all. Happy happy happy Birthday to you.

25.My Birthday wish to my special friend is to have more laughs, giggles and fun memories with your love ones.

  1. To my dearest friend who shows love and affection. You deserve all the positive things in life, and a Happy Birthday from me.
  2. My one of a kind friend, Happy Birthday thanks a lot and I wish that you’ll stay with what you are now, for I can’t imagine myself without you.
  3. It is time for beers and popcorns and cakes too. Let us celebrate your birthday with a blast! Get drunk because it is your birthday!
  4. To the one and the only person who influenced me to have a good character. On your birthday, I offer you my Heartfelt greetings.
  5. I swear, I will always be sincere for our friendship for this is just rare, not all have this best relationship. Best happy birthday wishes for a friend from the bottom of my heart.


The birthday celebration is indeed extra special for a particular person. It is a moment that worth celebrating and to be thankful. It is a gift of a new life, the new chance, the new beginning. Birthdays are the most memorable and should be the most special memory of our life.

May all of those happy birthday wishes for a friend written above will be granted in God’s will. I just want to end this day by saying once again a happy happy birthday to my dearest friend.

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