Happy Birthday wishes for a friend

Give your friend the best birthday wishes! 

Almost all of us loves it when someone is having their birthday. The presence of the balloons, the gifts and the food preparation is even more exciting. We even tend to surprise a friend with cakes, balloons, and gift in the corridor just to make his or her birthday memorable. You can see how priceless their reaction was. But what really a birthday celebrant wants for a birthday? Aside from the gifts and the preparations, your presence and your heart-warming wishes makes the best part of his or her day.

Happy Birthday wishes for a friend

Birthday wishes could be written with creative cards or even send through text. In our modern world today, our birthday wishes are sometimes expressed through posting it in our facebook, twitter or other social websites. But whatever forms of expressing a birthday wish we do, we make sure that it came from the heart. Some sender rely on the internet to find a birthday wish, truly the internet has a lot of birthday greetings to share to a friend. But you could be more creative than sending an ordinary birthday wishes, you could add some pictures and some personal message.

Happy Birthday To You 

Here are some birthday  wishes I personally made to share with you.

  • I am so excited to celebrate the day of your birth. You have been there for me always and I just can’t believe how lucky I am to have you. Your birthday is going to be special my friend because I love you!
  • I thanked God for allowing me to celebrate this day. And I also thanked Him because you are here with me. A friend like you deserve every nice things in the world, so here is my greetings to you!
  • Such a wonderful occasion for a wonderful person! I wish you all the best in life. I love you my friend.
  • Thank you for being my companion, my partner and my bestfriend. There are a lot of things that I couldn’t do, but because of your presence I was able to do it. I thanked God He blessed me such a wonderful person! And I believe you deserve the best birthday in the world!
  • Thank you for the smile when I was about to cry. Thank you for the shoulder when I was about to lose hope. Thank you for your love when I was so unloved. You are just God’s gift from above. Happy birthday wishes for a friend!
  • You are wild and crazy. I don’t care because we are just the same! Happy birthday wishes for a friend!
  • What is a friend? A person who is gonna be there not to catch you when you fall, but to fall with you together while holding your hand! Thanked God because we are going to heaven together! Happy birthday!

Sending just a simple Happy Birthday wishes for a friend alone may not be enough to express my gratitude to a friend who has been my companion through the ups and down. But you can creatively send it with a gift, with flowers, with a picture of the two of you or attach it to a card. A birthday wish with a card is the most simple yet the perfect gift for a friend.

Creating a greeting card is so simple and cost nothing unless you decide to buy a ready-made one. But a hand-made card is far more touching than the card you see in store, it is more meaningful knowing that you just made a card that is only intended for them.

Here are the 6 steps I could teach you to make your own special greeting card.

1.) First, think of what kind of friend you have. If he or she likes a particular color, what is it? If he/she loves a certain band, what are they? Later on you can use it to decorate your card.

2.) Next, gather your materials. Materials like old scraps or folder, scissors, stickers and other things you can use. You can also use silver dusts and coloring materials like crayons.

3.) Start forming your card. Fold it in half and cut the unnecessary part of the paper. Cover it with your desired color.

4.) Decorate it with stickers and doodles. Decorate it with the things he/she is interested of, so it will really look like it is meant for him or her.

5.) Attached your birthday wishes and your personal message.

6.)Finish it clean.

Now you have your greeting card and greeting wishes, you can now continue to plan what to wear for the day of your beloved friend! Make sure that your friend gets the best birthday of his or her life!