Happy birthday quotes for a friend

Happy birthday quotes for a friend

Every Birthday is special. And even more special when remembered. Surprise parties, blowing of birthday candles, opening of gift and singing the birthday songs have been part of tradition of celebrating birthday all over the world. Today, touch of new technology have played roles in rembering birthday of our love ones. We can post video, photos and greetings through facebook, twitter, Instagram and other social media sites.

Happy birthday quotes for a friend can be magical to the celebrant. In this way, they could feel how much we love then and how special they are. Sending the celebrant our best wishes through cards, social media sites, letters, emails or even in text can be the one of the best gift for them.

Here are some birthday quotes for a friendthat can touch the birthday celebrant.

  • I don’t want to pass this day without greeting the most special person in my life in her most special day. Happy birthday my friend. May God shower more blessings and health in the next year of your life. I know that success will always ahead of you because youre such a wonderful person.
  • Close your eyes. Make a wish. And whatever wish is that, I will always be here to make all your wishes come true. Blessful Birthday my dear. And I wish we could celebrate more birthdays of yours together.
  • Happy foundation anniversary. Thank God we are celebrating again another year of Gods best creation. Party party! Happy Birthday!
  • Thank you for all the things that you have done to me. You have been my knight in shining armor in times of trouble and you’ve been my number one fan in times of success. You have been God greatest gift in me and I always thank him every year that you were born. I love you so much. Hapy happy birthday.
  • Its another year of happiness and wildness! You always bring light in our darkness days. You always get wild in our boring days.. Today is your birthday and you deserve the most happy and wild day ever!
  • Youre always in our side through ups and downs. I always thank God that I found tha most magnificent person in the world. Happy Birthday and I wish you more birthdays to come.
  • Happy birthday to you. May the lord god bless you. Happy birthday. Lets go to party. The one who should pay bills is you! Happy Birthday!
  • You give me that craziest minute in the world. You give me the bad time any one don’t wish to experience. You bring me to the place anyone can hate. You give me so much pain that any one cant bear. Nevertheless, you’re the best because You give me friendship and family.Happy birthday! I love you to infinity and beyond.
  • Blessful birthday my friend! I wish you all the best and may you bring another smile in the world.



Happy birthday quotes for a friendto express your feelings and to say to them how special theareare more magical when it comes from the heart. Tell them your true feelings and what you really feel will make every messages more exceptional. Quotes with another trick like giving gift, chocolate, flowers, stufftoy and other surpises can bring another happiness in ther birthday. Picking up the best word for her birthday can be memorable gift the can receive.

Your presence is more important. Quotes cannot onle be given in cards, post, letters, text but also in words. Speak up and express what you feel inside and how lucky you are to have them. Give them a kiss and hug and tell them you happy you are celebrating their special day. Touch and Action speaks louder and heartfelt more than the best quote in the world.

However, what tricks we would like to do during that special day for as long as it is crafted from the heart, It will surely be the best and impressive gift ever. Planning for a long time or just insantly give what you can offer is alright. Buying the most expensive gift or just giving your warmest hug is just the same. Again, for as long as it is from the heart, it will always be special.