Happy birthday poems for her

Happy birthday poems for her

Birthday is the most special day any one would like to celebrate with love ones. Expressing your feeling in your special one’s birthday is one of the best gift she may receive. Aside for honesty, creativity can make your message extraordinary. You don’t have to create fairy tales from the time you met until her birthday, or making novels about your love story (though good idea). And you don’t have to be an amateur writer or master composer but as long as you are true and inspired, then you can create the best masterpiece for her birthday.

Happy birthday poems for her can be easy yet dreamlike way of expressing your message. It is more special than cakes, expensive gift, balloons, and other acts. Believe me poem is a finest gift.It doesn’t have to be rhymed or extra perfect poem but at least you have exert effort to  create one to two lines of heartfelt poem can make your message for her more special.

Here are some Happy birthday poems for her:

I can climb the highest mountain.

I can cross the widest seas.

I can catch a shooting star.

I can drive the roughest street just to see you face.


I can build the tallest building.

I can buy you expensive ring.

I can try to play and sing.

I can make the craziest thing if that the gift you want to wish.


I just want to express my love.

I can even give all I have.

I just want to make you happy.

It’s you’re day. And I wish you happy birthday.


You made me happy. You made me smile.

You made my life bright and beautiful.


You made me smart. You made me right.

You bring and give my dark life color.


Today you must be happy. Today you must smile.

Today you most know that I love you so.


You should know you’re smart. You must know you’re always right.

Best wishes and happy birth day to you.


If everything goes wrong.

My love will stay strong.

Don’t worry and always be happy.

Happy birthday!


If everything turns bad.

I’m always right by your side.

Don’t worry and always be happy.

Happy birthday!


If everything don’t last.

My love will always last

Don’t worry and always be happy.

Happy birthday!

Today is your special day.

I want you to know that I love you every day.

Be happy all the day.

And wait for the day you and me will marry.

Happy birthday to you.

My heart belongs to you.

You’re so pretty. And so lovely.

I am certain that I love you so.


Happy birthday to you.

I am so happy I found you.

I’m so cheery. I’m so lucky.

I will never leave you.


Happy Birthday to you.

May the lord god bless you?

I’m contented. I’m excited.

I can’t wait to marry you.


Come let me celebrate with you.

Come let me give the best gift to you.

Come let me happy to be with you.

Come let me share my love to you.


Happy birthday poems for her is more difficult to form than ordinary message. But are more creative way and more expressive way of wishing her a happy birthday.In this manner, you will also realize how much you love her and what you really feel since it takes time to build such poem. You will also make an idea and realize what the reasons why you love her very much are. It is also an area to think the most special moment you have shared in each other, what are the things you want to tell her today and what are your plans in the future.


Poems maybe imaginary for some, but make sure that what you are creating for her is crafted to what you really feel and what you really want about her. Put everything you want to express in the poem. However, whether you ended up with bad poem, don’t feel so bad because every labor of love is always felt and even appreciated. Always true to yourself in every gift you are giving and always be truthful to all your words.