Good Morning Text for Her

Good Morning Text for Her

I bet, the very first time you want to see in the morning is your phone. Next is to open your email. And next is to see your chat. Yes I feel you. I am like that. And my friends also like that. And I know the very reason we have that kind of attitude is not because of the generation we belong but because we want to see that one message coming from someone. That someone is who you are thinking now. And I know that just a simple text coming from her will already make your day complete.

Same with her, every Good morning text for her can make her day complete and will turn her mood positively. Thus, text can’t all about her but also about you because it is your way to showcase your love and express her importance in your life. It will remind her that she is always part of your life and you are always thinking her from the start of your day and up until the end. This is also one way to strong, positive and happy relationship all throughout the day.


Here are some of :-

  • Do you know you’re much lovely and beautiful than the sunshine? And do you know how much I thankful to God because I found you more than I am thankful for another day he has given me? Then Let me tell you I love you so much and it grows each day and every day. Every morning I wake up I am thankful that I have you and my life. And I always pray every night to end so I can see your beautiful face in the morning. Good morning beautiful. I love you.
  • Good morning beautiful. I wish you had a good night. Me? I have the hard time to sleep because you are always playing in my mind. And the time I close my eyes the only thing I see is you. However, I wish this will never end. Because the only person I want to see, hear, and feel is you. I love you.
  • I love you babe. Today more than yesterday and even more tomorrow. I want to be next to you holding you and touching you. I wish you had the best morning today. Because a best girl like you deserves the best day ever. I love you. I do love you.
  • Rise and shine. We have another chance to be in love again. And we have another day to be happy again. We have given another time to create memories. And I have forever to say and to show how much and dearly love you.Good morning love.
  • I love you so much. The time I open my eyes I only see and think is you. I can’t really last a day without you. How I wish you were here. Lovely morning.
  • Good morning love. I love you forever and for always.
  • It’s a brand new day to share another brand new experiences with you. I will never regret each morning to rise as long as I have you. I will never regret each day to pass as long as im beside you. I will never regret my life for as long as I grow old with you. I will never regret my forever as long as I am with you. I love you so.


Every Good morning text for her is very special. Again, it can make every day complete. Thus, sending it and creating it from the heart crafted with love and making it with honesty makes it more special. Everything you want to express whether it is long or short or even just a simple hello will draw smile in her face.

Every text is meaningful. It will serve as an assurance that you have the effort to express what you feel inside and she may also feel that she is the only one you are thinking from the time you sleep and up to the time you wake up. It will also build positive outlook in your relationship all throughout the day and will make your relationship even stronger.

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